The Fig Tree Parable, Israel Wins…in 2018?

THE FIG TREE PARABLE   Our most recent book offering is “THE FIG TREE PARABLE, ISRAEL WINS…IN 2018?” by Michael Neutzling.
   It is available in soft cover at

                                    “Now learn the parable of the fig tree:

                                    when its branch has already become tender

                                    and puts forth its leaves, you know that

                                    summer is near;

                                    so, you too, when you see all these

                                    things, recognize that He is near, right at

                                    the door.”

                                                                                                Matthew 24:32-33

   At the mid-point of the Olivet Discourse, with the fig tree parable, Jesus Christ answered two pressing questions from His disciples:
                        —”What will be the sign of the end of the age?”
                        —”What will be the sign of your (second) coming?”

    The reemergence of national Israel in 1948 is the fulfillment of this parable and “the sign” that answers the above two questions.
    That means we are living in a unique time in history and we would do well to discover what Christ meant when He said we should “learn” this parable.

    In this book you will discover:
    -Why the rebirth of national Israel in 1948 started the end-times clock ticking
    -Why the fig tree parable assures us that ours is the generation of the return of Christ
    -The amazing Old Testament roots of the fig tree parable
    -Why the year 2018 may well be the year of the physical return of Jesus Christ to Jerusalem
    -Israel wins…Messiah Jesus will bring Israel her final, eternal victory, likely in the year 2018

“A treasure of research that gives Israel a prominent place in eschatology”…Jim Fletcher, The Jerusalem Post



In 2012, Fig Tree Press released “THE 144,000, THE NEW MACCABEES ARE COMING and the WORLD WILL NOT BE THE SAME”, also by Michael Neutzling.
It is also available at

In this book you will discover:

–Why members of the Israel Defense Force are about to become the 144,000 of the book of Revelation!

–What the Bible says about their participation in God’s redemptive plan during the first half of the seven year Tribulation period
–How they will follow Christ on a three year campaign to cleanse Israel of the enemies of both she and her God during the second half of the Tribulation period
–Why it’s not just about Armageddon!  There are three military engagements involving the physical presence of Jesus Christ recorded in the book of Revelation!
–The incredible Old Testament roots of the New Maccabees, the 144,000 of the book of Revelation.




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10 thoughts on “The Fig Tree Parable, Israel Wins…in 2018?

  1. To one and all; These books open up a whole host of questions (and some answers). One, when does the 6000 years of “dispensation” become complete, and therefore, a possible (probable) translation (rapture) of believers occur.

    Any comments would be appreciated.


  2. Mike Neutzling has embarked on an exciting journey into the major and minor prophets’ writings regarding what will happen right here on this planet in the very near future. He refuses to be bound to nothing but a literal, historical, grammatical understanding of the Bible. And he knows we will not see near/far eschatological truth in the Old Testament unless it is routed through the book of Daniel, Christ’s Olivet discourse, or the Book of Revelation. Ask yourself exactly when do the events of Revelation 14 take place. When is Christ seen right there in Jerusalem on the temple mount? Be careful of how you might allow your usual prophecy “template” to quickly spout out a reply to the question. Let Mr. Neutzling take you on a journey of going back and forth from the Old to the New Testaments and back again. See the Olivet discourse in light of the OT prophetic statements and in the light of Psalm 118. Realize your eschatological understanding has been a bit moribund and begin to think beyond man’s old ideas but not beyond God himself.

  3. While reading your book “The Fig Tree Parable” I saw a mention that you were also writing a book titled ” The Devil is coming in 3D” , a commentary on the book of Zechariah. Any idea when it will be published ?

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